Selections from Same Sum, 2016-ongoing, archival inkjet prints, approximately 3” x 2” each. As of June 2019, the number of pictures in the series is just over 400. The stacks of prints are held together by broken rubber bands that I have repaired with one knot. The prints are exhibited on a table in a large grid and the collection grows with each progressive installation. There is no completion date for the collection.

The pictures are made up of subjects and situations I find or construct for the camera that occur instep with my day-to-day life. When I travel I usually have my camera with me so where I make pictures is in a variety of locations. The project does not follow a specific theme or concept unless we agree that “no theme” is my concept. The title of the project is a mixture of references to the process of making pictures with a DSLR camera and photography’s ability to homogenize an array of experiences into and onto flat surfaces. Same Sum is about photography flattening the arcs of life and my desire to re-materialize instances, as photographic prints, that made me feel something. The something I most often feel is the presence of mind.