Who is Bob? where is he and his Trailer?

Lifted from my studio wall - a constant haunting of a certain kind of landscape stewardship, natural disaster clean up, errant collecting, and/or how car tires work through the simple capture of pressured air inside rubber rings. Do you ever think about this driving on the freeway? This is a 4"x 6" machine print from a 35mm negative. Photographed on Bever Avenue at 16th Street SE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2010 or so, probably in the spring. 

Free Bob.jpg

"Sword of the Sun Slices the Same Sum"

Working on a new phase of Sword of the Sun... shortened title is Same Sum. Furthering the blurred boundaries between where, how, and when I can make work. Letting it all flow together. 

New Prints

New works are brewing in my studio. Out and about in Saint Cloud and around my house... thinking about hand washing, automation, and finding answers...