Good Jokes Bad Magic - Exhibition Images

Full documentation of the exhibition in the Cyrus Running Gallery at Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2018. Titles and details coming soonish. Give me a shout out if you want details on something specific!

Good Jokes Bad Magic

A lot of new works along with some choice older works will make up Good Jokes Bad Magic in the Running Gallery at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN from Oct 9 - Nov 1. The title is drawn from the serious playfulness that is a large part of my studio practice. The exhibitions mixes pictures, objects, shelves, step stools, and a new table piece. Pictures of the install will be up in the near future. Big thanks to Chris Mortenson for all the work behind the scenes.

Sword of the Sun - Milwaukee

Installation views of Sword of the Sun in the Perspectives Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design this past spring. Huge thanks to Jon Horvath for the invitation and installation. I asked Jon to arrange the circular table of objects in the spirit of collaboration. Many thanks to MIAD recent graduate, Danny McCullough, for taking pictures of the show (I'm pretty sure that is his hand their in the second image). I love how this work evolves and shifts with each new gallery space. New works mingle with older pieces, table arrangements are always in flux from one show to the next. The first version of this work came together in 2014 at the Law Warschaw Gallery at Macalester College in St. Paul. I made a book version of this work as well. The book was an experiment in translating the spirit of the work into book form rather than simply making a catalog of the work from the St. Paul installation. 

Who is Bob? where is he and his Trailer?

Lifted from my studio wall - a constant haunting of a certain kind of landscape stewardship, natural disaster clean up, errant collecting, and/or how car tires work through the simple capture of pressured air inside rubber rings. Do you ever think about this driving on the freeway? This is a 4"x 6" machine print from a 35mm negative. Photographed on Bever Avenue at 16th Street SE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2010 or so, probably in the spring. 

Free Bob.jpg